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The Dogo Argentino is the only pure breed dog developed in Argentina in the late 1920’s by doctors Antonio and Agustin Nores Martinez, dog enthusiasts and avid hunters.

The Dogo was primarily intended to be used as a hunting dog, guardian and all around family dog. As a family dog, Dr. Nores Martinez intended the dog to be loyal and docile. As a guard dog, the Dogo was expected not only to bark a warning at strangers and stop intruders, but to do so with all the power and characteristics of the breed. With such determination as to fight an intruder to the death, if needed, without being distracted by any injury inflicted to itself during the course of the battle.

In the words of Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez “A dog which attacks an intruder and then at the first threat of injury abandons its prisoners is worth nothing as a guardian.” But it was hunting for which the Dogo was originally created, and the kind of hunting that the breed was to specialize in was the most difficult and dangerous in all the America’s.

The Dogo’s specialty was the hunting of wild boar and large cats of America such as mountain lions and jaguars; also the Dogo can be used in many other hunting tasks such as birds and other small animals. For such a game the Nores Martinez brothers saw the need to develop a hunting dog with exceptionally sharp senses, which was very fast, very courageous, phenomenally powerful, and completely enthusiastic about the hunt.

With this in consideration they needed a dog that was able to track, locate and hold their prey, dominating it until the hunter arrives. To obtain this goal they used 10 different breeds: They used the Old Cordoba Fighting Dog as the basis. This dog was the product of the cross breeding among Mastiffs, Bulldogs and Bull Terriers bought to America by the colonists (and is now extinct). To this they added Boxer, English Pointer, Bull Terrier, Old English Bulldog, Mastiff, Dogue De Bordeaux, Harlequin Great Dane, Pyrenean Mastiff and Irish Wolfhound.

It is to be said before ending, that the different breed specimens they used to shape the Dogo Argentino were purebreds all of them with pedigrees and many of them descendants of champions from the best bloodlines in the world.

General Features and Characteristics
Excellent dog for game hunting, friendly towards people, especially children. Very good guardians, faithful and docile, it makes an excellent guiding dog for the blind. The Dogo is a silent hunter, so it does not frighten its prey, has a good sense of smell (scenting the air), it’s agile, brave and strong.

Its general appearance is of great strength, force and energy with a compact figure and robust muscular development that highly contrasts with its mild and gentle expression. Its body is perfectly balanced; with straight front legs and well arched robust hindquarters, curved for the long run; strong and muscular neck, the tail thick, gradually coming to a point and naturally falling towards the hock joint. All in all it must represent power, resistance and a great physical strength, but also an agile and good running dog.

It’s a large breed, well proportioned without reaching gigantism. The judge must pay particular attention to the height and the broadness of the chest.

Height ranges from 62-68cm at the withers in males and 60-65cm at the withers in females.

In the breed creators last book he made it clear that “In requiring the breed to be recognized I gave 68 cm at the withers as a maximum height, so as to give an idea of its size. An adult male with less than 62 cm at the withers must be disqualified as well as a female less than 60 cm at the withers. While selecting from a group of good specimens the judge must incline itself towards the tallest dog, provided its conformation and over all size and weight is proportioned” (Historia Del Dogo Argentino 1978 page 149-150).

Working dog: used for big game hunting, guardian, guide dog for the blind, field work, obedience, French Ring Sport, Schutzhund, agility, tracking, drug detection, support dogs, police dogs, therapy dogs, search & rescue, bomb detection etc.

Due to its very stable and reliable temperament the Dogo Argentino is a very versatile dog and makes an excellent family dog. The Dogo is very fond of humans specifically children, to which it is very patient and tolerant.

The Dogo Argentino possesses extremely strong hunting instincts, incredible determination and legendary courage. Very alert and jovial, it possesses uncanny intelligence and a keen wit. This is a very people oriented dog that is extremely friendly and outgoing. It’s self confidence makes it very trusting of humans with whom it is patient and communicative. While being incredibly obedient and willing to please it is extremely sensitive to it’s handler and doesn’t require forceful training methods. This versatile animal is capable of intense concentration, learns rapidly and retains what is learned almost indefinitely; however; it is easily bored by over work and repetition. A good watchdog, the Dogo Argentino is calm around the house, yet it is alert and ready at a moment’s notice.

The Dogo Argentino is not a barking dog, although it is endowed with a thunderous bark, modulated, rhythmic and constant when it wants to call attention to something it deems important. It is a family dog that needs close contact with the members of its family and is unhappy when separated from them, it is also noticeably gentle and extremely patient with children.

The Dogo should be socialized with domestic animals and other dogs at an early age to curtail any subsequent aggression towards them. Males and females are very stable and remarkably sweet while being tough to the core. They are more like a force of nature then a mere animal